about us

It’s a Familiar Story…

It all started with a mates garage, a trip to Bunnings and a DIY epoxy floor kit. 

We’ve all been there…

“Why pay somebody to do it, we could save $$$ by doing it ourselves, it can’t be that hard” 

Fast forward through many trips back to Bunnings to pick up extra equipment, many mistakes and even more expletives we stood on the threshold of the once grotty garage, stubbies in hand, congratulating ourselves on a job well done. 

Fast forward even further and a post pandemic awakening led to a realisation that maybe it was time to build something worthwhile and escape the daily grind. Maybe just maybe that DIY project was more than just a weekend of hard work and good company, perhaps it was an opportunity for a radical career change and an exit from life as a public servant. 

Hiring equipment and putting an advert on FB Marketplace to test the market would be the logical route, so instead a resignation letter was submitted and a training course with world class epoxy experts, XPS Europe was booked, followed by a flight to the UK and four days of total immersion in all things epoxy. 

Returning home filled with dreams of transforming the humble Perth garage into a space to be celebrated rather than avoided, it was time to get down to business, starting at the logical place of conjuring up a name. 

The tragic tale of Medusa, the figure from ancient Greek mythology, with snakes for hair and the power to turn people to stone struck a chord. Known for her transformative powers, and captivating beauty, her image aligned with the durability and aesthetics of epoxy flake flooring. And just like that Medusa Coatings was born. 

After many days practising on MDF boards and friends garage floors, it was time to unleash Medusa Coatings and start the process of transforming dull concrete garage floors into glorious epoxy resin and vinyl flake surfaces. And so it began. 

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